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Therapist and Patient

Professional Development

iTherapy has been involved in professional development not only in Northern California but worldwide.


Our team understands the significant role continual professional development plays in therapists’ ability to provide contemporary and engaging interventions with the best possible outcomes.

Seminars, conferences, and in-services are presented by one of our team members with an emphasis on practical, fun, evidence-based therapies.


The most common conventions, symposiums and conferences are based upon a particular industry, profession and fandom.

The staff at iTherapy are highly regarded speakers that focus on the topics of speech pathology, autism and assistive technology.  Speaking at professional symposiums, conferences, and conventions held nationally and internationally. Locally we work with SELPAs, providing professional development for staff  through training and in-services.


We would be delighted to speak, discuss, confer and/or hold workshops for your professional gathering.

We are flexible and will customize every presentation to fit the needs and interests of the audience within any specified time and boundaries.

Following is a list of presentations available for your next professional gathering. 

  • Apps for Autism

  • Video Self Modeling Works!

  • Speech in Action

  • Literacy, Communication and Technology

  • The Power of Edutainment

  • Visual Aids and Organizers

  • Using Technology to Build Language

  • Using Technology to Improve Social Skills

  • SIMPLER-- Setting, Improvisation, Motivation, Partnerships, Language, Engagement and Rapport

  • Using Mobile Technology and Accessories for the Special Needs Child Across Disiplines

  • Using Mobile Technology for Communication with Children Who are Non-Verbal

  • How to Effectively Use all the Great Features on the iPad

  • Best Use of iPads and Apps for Your School-based SLP Program

  • How to Choose the Right Technology foy Your Student or Child-- Feature Matching

  • Integrating Speech Pathology with Occupational Therapy

  • Using Technology to Support Apraxia Therapy

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Professional inservices are a key component of continuing education for therapists, teachers, and other education professionals.


At iTherapy we offer professional inservices and parent training on various speech-language and technology related topics. We are happy to discuss your needs and present on a topic of interest.


Our professional inservice meet speech pathology CEU licensing and certification standards for the state of California.

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