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We at InnerVoice are dedicated to improving quality of life for people who struggle with communication challenges. We believe that the current technology is ready but underutilized and that communication can be mastered if people are provided with the right tools.

We make those tools

innervoice artificial intelligence (ai): visual language

As a Microsoft AI for Accessibility grant winner, InnerVoice now features exciting new Azure artificial intelligence technology — which is designed to help all types of individuals become successful communicators.

Visual Language is an exciting new feature that uses Microsoft’s Azure artificial intelligence technology to teach language and literacy skills in a unique way. The camera displays what you’re looking at. Take a picture and watch InnerVoice’s AI system label your picture with text and describe it with speech — allowing users to see the relationships shared among the environment, speech, language, and text.

Visual language makes creating and editing buttons easier than ever: just take a picture and InnerVoice’s AI system labels the button and adds a description.

learn from yourself (video self-modeling)

InnerVoice is a thoroughly researched, award-winning communication app for children with autism that teaches social communication skills, using engaging animated 3-D avatars of themselves, characters, or favorite toys. The possibilities are endless.

Choose a picture of a face to create an animated 3D avatar. Watch the avatars capture your attention as they teach speech, language, and social communication skills.

share your feelings with others

Touching the emojis and typing a message makes the avatars express emotions through facial expressions and tone of voice. Use the avatars to help you learn emotions or to expand how you communicate…you choose!

forget about motionless icons and pictures: learn action words in the moment

Use Giphy’s GIFs, Apple’s Bounce and Loop videos, or the camera’s Slo-Mo footage as tools to demonstrate how the avatars’ words can describe movements and other concepts. See the relationships shared among words, movements, facial expressions, and speech — making learning both captivating and understandable.

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