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The November Issue Has Landed!

We've got a fantastic issue for you this November! World-renowned livestock specialist and speaker on autism Temple Grandin answers fascinating questions about the controversies surrounding ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis). We can't tell you how much we get asked about ABA, and we're delighted to have Temple weigh in on this. Would it surprise you to hear that she stands up for some good ABA programs if delivered in certain ways, as well as giving invaluable parents advice on what to look out for when it comes to ABA programs?

Acclaimed authority on autism Adam Feinstein completes his two-part series, "Neurodiversity in the Workplace," with the follow-up section, "The Autism Challenges." This examines some of the struggles autistic people may face in the working world, along with the arguments for and against diagnosis disclosure.

And among our other super articles this month, award-winning author on autism Ellen Notbohm gives us an invaluable insight into teaching morals and fairness to autistic children in an unfair world. Paula L. Simpson, author and founder of pediatric therapy clinic Bridge of Possibilities, explains the therapeutic benefits of horseback riding, we discuss the early symptoms of autism and what to do if you think your child is autistic, and much more!

The latest issue of Autism Digest is available as part of a new subscription here. And don't even think about missing the opportunity to get a whole year's digital subscription free, just by taking part in our NSF/SBIR Phase II grant. All you need to do is submit some speech recordings, and you will be contributing toward an early autism screener that should help parents detect autism from a young age and get on with the important job of helping kids through early intervention!

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